Welcome to the World of the Smart Textiles.

Welcome to the Website of the Smart Textiles Salon 2013.

In 2009, we started organizing the Smart Textiles Salon in an attempt to bring topical research in the field of Smart Textiles to the stage and showcase it to the world. We wanted to make clear that Smart Textiles are not only existing in research projects, but that the potential for market introduction is huge already today. This should be recognized and taken to the next level. The concept of the interactive exhibition has been amazingly successful, so it became a biennial event.
On 06 June 2013, we are organizing the 3rd edition of the Smart Textiles Salon, by its followers also amorevolously called: STS.
In the upcoming edition, the concept is as had: simple and straightforward:

Show me what you got!

The same old story… intelligent or smart textiles are around for years now. Worldwide hundreds of research projects have been accomplished, numerous papers have been presented in journals and at conferences, and thousands of gadgets have been introduced to the market. Besides informing people about intelligent textiles on a theoretical level, this workshop emphasizes the practical application of the knowledge - from theory to real prototypes. It is time to see what has actually been achieved - It's SHOWTIME!

On this website you will find practical information about the 3rd edition of the Smart Textiles Salon on 06 June 2013.