Smart Textiles Salon 2011

Smart Textiles Salon 2011

The Smart Textiles Salon (STS) is an innovative exhibition concept. It combines the transfer of theory through a presentation of various exposés from the field of Smart Textiles as well as hands-on practical insight through demonstration of the prototypes’ working principle. The participant can experience the inventions on three different levels: listening to the information given by the presenter, seeing the prototype working and trying out the prototype personally.

Approximately, 20 prototypes will be chosen for display at the Smart Textiles Salon 2011. All prototypes will be shown to the audience in 10 to 15 min. presentation following a preset programme (t.b.d.).

One of the presenters of the Smart Textiles Salon is the winner of the SYSTEX Student Award 2010, Kunal Mankodiya (Institute for Signal Processing, University of Luebeck, DE). Mr. Mankodiya won the SYSTEX Student Award 2010 for his outstanding work in the field of Multimodal Biosignal Monitoring. Through this award, SYSTEX wants to raise students’ interest in intelligent textiles. Their work contributes to further scientific and technological developments, and being our future employees their drive will push our sector forward.

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